ADIAS, partenaire de la transformation digitale des entreprises

Together, let's initiate your transformation

Recognizing that a digital project is indeed a transformational journey, our primary focus is to deeply understand your organization, the unique challenges it faces, and the goals you aim to achieve.

Empowering Organizational Transformation

For over 30 years, we have been accompanying businesses and public organizations in their transformation journeys. Our history has been built alongside our clients, and these experiences have allowed us to develop a strong expertise driven by a constant desire for innovation.

We offer digital roadmaps that align with our clients’ strategy and corporate culture. The implementation of these projects often involves profound organizational changes. That’s why we pay special attention to change management processes to ensure the success of every project.

Our Commitments

Ensuring customer satisfaction in the achievement of their projects is our utmost priority.

Quality & Security

Whether it’s consulting, implementation, solution development, or outsourcing, our services are always aligned with industry standards and best practices.


We are committed to providing all the necessary indicators for tracking our missions. Throughout the projects, we engage in open discussions about the details and outcomes to ensure complete transparency.


We adapt to your projects and evolve them alongside your organization. Our teams are attentive to your needs, providing timely and relevant solutions.

Our Executive Team

Since 1993, our passionate executive leaders, who are experts in digital transformation, have been guiding ADIAS in its development journey.

Mohamed Salem SIDI

Chief Executive Officer

Mohamed SIDI

Head of Investments


Chief Technology Officer